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Basketball - White Orange and Yellow Basketball
Bells - Brass Front Door Bell Push
Benches - Green Park Bench with Wooden Slats
Bicycles - Racing Bike Seat and Chain
Bricks - Red Brick Wall in Closeup
Chimneys - White Chimney with Three Chimney Pots and Two TV Arials.
Cleaning - String Mop Head
Cobbles - Closeup of Double Yellow Lines on a Cobbled Street.
Cobbles - Old Cobbled Street in Closeup
Doors - Arched Doorway in Long Wall
Doors - Black Handle on Gate
Doors - Bright Red Garage Door
Doors - Closeup of Red Wood and Glass Front Door
Doors - Wrought Iron Gate on Brick Archway
Drains - Drain Cover on Road
Drains - OsmaDrain Metal Drain Manhole Cover On Grass
Fencing - Closeup of Wooden Fence
Fencing - Stained Wood Fences
Fountains - Street Fountain with Short Bubbling Spout
Glass - Yellow Glass Oil Lamp
Guttering - Black Gutters on a Detached House
Household - Closeup of Pot Pouri
Lamps - Classic Exterior Security Lamp
Lights - Brass Light Switch with White Plastic Switch.
Metal - Rusty Nut and Bolt Holding up an Old Brick Wall
Metal - Rusty Old Hinge
Pipes - Black Drain Pipe Against House Wall
Pipes - Red Drain Pipes Running into Blocked Grid
Pubs - Two Steel Beer Barrels and Entrance to Pub Cellar
Roofing - Underside of Stained Wooden Roof
Rope - Knots in Rope Connecting a Metal Pole and Brick Wall.
Scaffolding - High Scaffolding on York Minster
Security Lights - Simple Security Light on Side of House
Sky - Large Crane Hook Against a Cloudy Sky
Stones - Rough Stones As Used Gardening and Road Building
Street Furniture - Round Litter Bin
Telephones - Telegraph Pole with many Telephone Wires
Ventilation - Gas Fire Ventilation of Outside Brick Wall
Windows - Porthole Style Round House Window
Wood - Blue Wooden Trellis Against Brick Wall
Wood - Closeup of Wooden Shed Fastening
Wood - Moss covered Wooden Pole containing Metal Cup Hook
Wood - Upright Wooden Post with the Number 17 Displayed in White Plastic Letters
Wood - Wooden Post with Two Screws
Wood - Wooden Salt and Pepper Mills

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